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Cary has done hair for over 25 years. Opened Legends Salon in the spring of 87 grew to a very busy salon with 9 stylists. 2 manicurists, a facial specialist, massage therapist, a salon manager and 2 receptionists. During this time Cary organized several major fashion shows in the city. Was part of Fox 59 Monday morning make-overs.   Cary decided to close Legends in 2005.   He went to a salon on Mass ave. for a year then partnered with Mark Lower to open Mary and Friends in the summer of 2006. Cary also started a Ministerial Program in February on 2009.  It's a 3 year program with that he'll become an ordained Minister.



Awards/ recognition

• Indianapolis Monthly top stylist award for 3 consecutive Top Stylist issues.

• Nuvo News Weekly top Salon and Top Stylist for 4 years in a row.


Services and Prices


Haircuts $60.00

include  consultation, scalp massage, shampoo, conditioner, great Haircut, style


Color $70.00

Haircut not included


High/low Lights start at $ 80.00

Haircut not included


Perm $120.00 and up

haircut included


Prices have not increased in 8 years


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